ang, Assemblée Générale Du Cluster TuniCREEE

Workshop “energy transition in Tunisia: how to progress…?

Control of energy and the promotion of renewable energies have become, over the past ten years, a priority highlighted by Tunisia. The stakes are high: energy dependence, scarcity of fossil resources, pollution and climate change, are all concerns that are becoming more relevant every day.

The implementation of this energy transition strategy requires significant investments valued at more than € 4,800 million by 2030. The mobilization of the necessary funding to cover these investments is therefore essential to achieve the objectives set. Local financial institutions can and must play a key role in financing the energy transition in Tunisia, in particular autoproducers and investors in independent production.

In this context, the Tunisian Cluster of Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency, TUNICREEE is organizing in collaboration with the National Agency for Energy Management and the RMS project of GIZ a workshop on June 17, 2021, including the The objective is to find solutions to overcome the barriers that hinder the development of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in Tunisia and to consult on the best financial mechanisms and tools to boost the energy transition in Tunisia.


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